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NEW: 2 Quick And Easy Content Curation Techniques For Newbies (100% Free)

Who else wants to get started with content curation, but isn't sure what tools, tricks, or techniques work best?
Think you need to go out and invest in expensive software or buy over priced products to learn how to curate content like a PRO... even if you're only getting started today?
If that fear is holding you back...
Think again!
The truth is, content curation is not only super simple and dead easy to implement for people of all skill levels, the social networks you MAY be using right now give you everything you need to do it well.
Now - understand THIS because it's true... and I don't want to pretend that it's not:
If you ARE planning on curating content on a professional level, there ARE some software tools that can make your life easier, and will help you more quickly find relevant stories for your audience. But, I truly believe they are only relevant for enterprise level curators... companies, or bigger bloggers who need to manage massive amounts of data streams.
For everyone else, and those who are JUST getting started, here are 2 simple tools, and techniques that work wonderfully well.
1 - Facebook Content Curation
This is probably the absolute EASIEST way to get started, simply because they make it so easy to do it. If you have a Facebook Page set up for your business, simply focus on finding 5-7 relevant stories in your niche, market, industry or local community and share them with the "link" share function. Not only does this pull in an excerpt and an image, it gives you the opportunity to add your own parenthetical thoughts for every piece of content you curate. (Which is definitely something every good curator should be doing, as it's what separates folks who become authorities, thought leaders and respected voices in a niche... versus people who are simply lazily copying content and reposting it)
2 - Tumblr Share
Again, same thing as the above, but with a bit more extra functionality built in. You can literally install the Tumblr Share script in your browser bar, and every time you come across a story that is relevant to your audience, you simply click on the icon... and remotely post to your Tumblr blog of choice. This is a KILLER way to curate copious amounts of content very quickly... and due to the viral nature of Tumblr, a great way to build your brand, your blog and your business in one fell swoop!
Lastly, remember... you can literally use Google Alerts as a free source of "seed" content to curate and this works wonderfully well with the 2 tools above as well. (and saves you from having to invest in more expensive software, or the gimmicks, gadgets and goofiness the "gurus" will recommend as well!)
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